Female Dating Strategy Low Value Male

female dating strategy low value male

This keeps you off balance and half in half he will likely start to withdraw as he realises what he got himself into.To make you think it has potential.His attention span will soon turn to other women with similar features he also finds attractive.

ZERO can still do all that and breadcrumb you attention.LVM will do this with HVW especially because they know you hold them to higher standards to stick around.And we definitely relate to trust issues from cheating.He should want to do better.Trust me, shes shooing you away for your own benefit.

female dating strategy low value male

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Lol she knows her son is garbage and not ready for that yet.WAY more notice of what their friends think of their status and partners.Us women are eager to assume we found a unicorn too quick because we are SO tired of meeting trash.To offset those fears or any red flags he may wine and dine you at nice restaurants, introduce you to friends and parents very fast or bring up marriage a indicators and of longterm investment.Ask yourself why a man would reveal such sensitive info so fast given how awkward men are with being vulnerable?Immature friendsNo matter how mature and high value he seems, it says a lot if his friends seem low value.

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These mothers can quickly get hostile if they think another woman is stealing their precious son away.NOT dating his mother.He is dangling the forever carrot until he gets bored.You will never be a priority to a grown LVM attached to his mothers hip, just his 2nd mother, no matter how hard you try.We soooo badly want to meet the unicorn we jump to conclusions, idealising this carefully crafted image of a high value man.It costs nothing for him to make it up on the spot to fool you.

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Its almost like a kneejerk response.What is his intention to tell you this without knowing you very well?To make all the other bullshit coming somehow make sense.To LVM, women are just walking body parts to collect, use and adorn himself with.LVM still attached to her breast.Pay attention to the stories he tells you about these friends and whether he sounds amused.

female dating strategy low value male

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You will be expected to go above and beyond her to even stand a chance.Think seriously, would a high value man escalate this fast without knowing you well first?We all know the fate of mommys always turn out to be shits.

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